Top APIs this week

  • DOWN

    /brokenendpoint Broken Endpoint

    broken endpoint

    it never works

  • /open311/v2 Open311 (Prod)

    This API exposes service requests submitted to the City of Philadelphia through the Philly311 mobile app.

  • /li/v1 L & I Legacy

    Permit, license, inspection, contractor, appeals, case and violation data from the Department of Licenses & Inspections.

  • /crimes/v1 Crime Incidents v1

    Part I crime includes Homicides, Rapes, Robberies, Aggravated Assaults, Thefts. The data returned is generalized by the crime type and the block location. There are two API endpoints, providing crime data going back to different points in time.

  • /opa/v1.1 OPA Property Data v1

    This API exposes data on assessed property values based on information from the Office of Property Assessment (OPA). Currently in beta, subject to change.